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Application Techniques

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A little goes a long way! Use the White Fan brush so that you can see how much you’ve picked up and because the brush’s contoured bristles will help to blend. Knock off any excess. The perfect blush shade is the colour of the cheek when flushed or exercising.

Use two colours for a subtle, sophisticated look. For example, apply Bronzer underneath the outer part of the cheekbone. Rock your brush so most of the colour is deposited there and then brush up onto the cheekbone. User a brighter colour such as Tawny on the apple of the cheek (the fleshy part that protrudes when you smile) and brush outwards and down away from the top of the cheekbone. If you think you’ve applied too much colour, use the brush you used to apply the base shade and blend with that. In an emergency, use the flocked sponge. This will remove some of the colour.

Always check blush when you’ve finished the makeover. What looked as though it was enough when you applied it may not look the same way when eyes and lips are finished. Also, the colour of the clothes she’s wearing will make a difference. Remove the makeup cape. If she’s wearing red, it will be reflecting on her face and you may need less blush. If she’s wearing white, you may need more.

Narrow Face: Keep blush towards the outside of the face. This will give the illusion of widening it.

Full Face: Bring the colour into the middle of the face but no farther forward than the middle of the iris. This will give the illusion of narrowing.

Tip: Do harmonise blush and lip colour. It gives a lovely natural, pulled-together look.


This is truly a rush and go product for lips, cheeks, and eyes. This cream to powder formula moisturises and conditions the skin and allows for easy application. Complete Colour can be applied with your finger, a sponge, or with the Camouflage Brush.

When applying Complete Colour on the eyelid or to the cheek, over a mineral base, you will find that your finger or the Camouflage Brush deliver the best results with the greatest ease. Complete Colour is an excellent eye shadow primer when applied sparingly to the eyelid prior to the eye shadow application. Complete Colour locks on the shadow and increases the payoff of the shimmering shades. This is especially effective for fashion print and runway work. When used on the lips, Complete Colour adds a subtle touch of colour that can be enhanced by applying Lip Drink over top for added shine, moisture, and SPF protection.


Apply a bronzer where the sun would hit the face first – cheekbones, chin, nose, forehead. For a look that sculpts the face or “chiaroscuro” – the flattering interplay of light and shadow to accent facial features – apply a lighter base to the centre of the face (include eyes and around the mouth but not the nose), a darker one on the outside perimeter and then the bronzer. This pulls the centre of the face out and mimics the effect that a key light would have. It’s a very effective way of adding definition and often used by television and film makeup artists. For the “Golden Goddess” look, apply Moonglow to cheek bones, shoulders and the décolleté.

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