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Under-Eye Camouflage

This is the number one beauty complaint from women. The right concealer can change someone’s life. We believe we have the right concealer in Circle\Delete for under the eyes. The best tool for it is the Jane Iredale Camouflage Brush with a finger for using the body’s heat to work it into the skin. A finger, however, won’t reach the innermost corner of the eye, which is the most recessed area of the face and often the darkest. Be sure to use the brush first to apply the product into those hard to reach areas.

The colour of the concealer should be slightly lighter than the skin tone – one to two shades at most. A too light concealer is the most common mistake made. The concealer should reach up under the lower lashes, into the corner of the eye and can be blended to the top of the cheekbone. Use a gentle pressing action with the pads of the first two fingers. Don’t overdo the blending since the result may be to rub the concealer away.

For very dark circles, you may layer concealer, powder then concealer and powder again. Make sure they are put on in thin layers so you don’t build too much product. Layering like this can be very effective.


Apply in thin layers. Blend the duo colours for an exact match to the skin or for a shade lighter. You can minimise a puff under the eye by graduating the colour from light at the edges to darker in the middle. This will have the effect of pulling out the edges and diminishing the centre of the puff. The mineral powders can be applied underneath or on top. If the skin is wrinkled, Circle\Delete can be used alone. The dark peach colour in Circle\Delete #2 effectively neutralises blue, so it can also be used as a concealer for surgical bruises.

If you’re not certain which duo to use, try one on one eye and the other on the other eye and take a look. You can frequently be surprised. Circle\Delete #2 often adds an attractive highlight under the eye.

Circle/Delete is an under-eye conditioner and moisturiser as well as a concealer.


The ultimate concealer for very dark circles, hyperpigmentation and bruising. Apply with Jane Iredale Camouflage Brush and finger for an even application. Apply in thin layers. Stipple mineral powders on top, or if the skin is wrinkled, Enlighten can be used alone.

This is a lightening treatment (contains three lightening ingredients, Vitamin K. licorice and Arbutin) as well as a concealer. Will help to counteract ashy-bleed-through common with hyperpigmentation.


This was developed as a true camouflage to help plastic surgeons cover bruising since a shadow of the bruise usually shows through the powders. It is very effective covering birthmarks, scarring, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, etc. CoverCare is a concentrated oil-free cream. When it dries, it will stay on the skin until it is removed with a cleanser. Waterproof. It will stay on while swimming and showering provided no soap is used. We do not recommend CoverCare for covering erythema. Usually skin needs moisture during this period and CoverCare is oil-free.

The preferred way to use CoverCare is with our Camouflage Brush. This gives an even coverage and ultimate control. It is better to apply it in thin layers rather than trying to cover everything at once. Let the product dry between layering. If you are going to apply the mineral powders on top, don’t let the last layer dry completely. Apply the powders while CoverCare is still tacky – the powders will adhere better. Be sure to feather the edges so there is no demarcation line.

Tip: You may also mix CoverCare with some loose minerals in order to change the colour to match the skin. If this makes it too thick, mix with some moisturiser or D2O.


This concealer started out with the challenge of developing something that would solve a problem, namely covering tattoos. Not only does it solve that problem, it contains ingredients that may help to clear blemishes and also act as an antioxidant on the skin.

Its state-of-the-art liposome formula allow so much pigment to be packed in that two layers will cover almost everything, including black tattoos. Also included are seaweed extracts, superoxide dismutase (a copper-containing protein enzyme that decomposes free radicals), and the potent antioxidant green tea extract. Green tea extract isn’t just an antioxidant but has also been documented to combat acne bacteria.

Disappear comes packaged in a tube with a patented applicator that allows you to apply it directly on to the skin. You may also apply Disappear with Camouflage Brush. Begin by layering and feathering the edges. When you have enough coverage, pat on the appropriate mineral powder (Amazing Base or PurePressed.) Disappear will grab the powder and give you a truly opaque finish so make sure you graduate the camouflage to avoid seeing edges.

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