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Amazing Base Loose Powders

To release the minerals, remove the seal from the sifter or puncture holes in the seal for a more controlled flow. Do not remove the sifter. Replace the lid, turn the jar upside down and tap the bottom of the jar. A small quantity of the minerals will now be available in the sifter. If you are working person to person, tip the minerals from the sifter into a receptacle such as a shallow dish.

To choose the correct colour, test a little on the jaw line. Try to do this in natural light if possible. We recommend beginning with Natural and Amber bases because they have the same value, but Natural has a pink undertone and Amber a yellow. It will be easy to see whether to go lighter, darker, more pink or more yellow. The minerals are much more forgiving than conventional makeup – one shade will suit a wide variety of skin tones because the minerals are light reflective and refractive and do not absorb light the way matte makeup does.

Cleanse the face and moisturise. Allow the moisturiser to absorb. Then, lightly dip a chisel powder brush into the powder, and use the lid or dish to work the powder into the brush so it’s evenly distributed. Jane Iredale recommend using the Chisel Powder Brush because it gives you absolute control especially in areas around the eyes and nose. The minerals should cling to the bristles all the way around the brush and not just on the ends. Don’t use a brush with a large head. This will make the powders fly.

Apply the minerals in thin layers using downward strokes. If you’ve put on too much, use the flocked sponge to remove any excess. It’s easy to overdo when you are first working with these powders because they are so concentrated. Then spot with the sponge if you need additional coverage in areas. You will achieve a smooth, sheer, flawless finish that transfers far less than normal makeup.

Tip: If the minerals look powdery, wait a few minutes for the skin’s natural oils to emerge, or spritz with D2O or Balance.

Tip: Don’t use on oily skin with large pores because of the powder’s luminescent quality. Use PurePressed for this type of skin.

Tip: Apply Absence Oil Control Primer to smooth the surface of the skin before putting on the minerals. Absence controls oil and helps prevent colour change.

Tip: To “pull” the centre of the face out and give more definition to the overall look, use a light base in the aesthetic triangle and a darker one on the perimeter.

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