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Application Techniques

Application Techniques


Makeup is an interplay of light and dark accents to achieve an effect. Dark colours recede and give the illusion of diminishing areas and light colours stand out and give the illusion of augmenting features. So, for example, you can “pull” the centre of the face out by making it lighter than the circumference. This look flatters almost everyone and is particularly useful when applying makeup to an Asian face as generally, the Asian face has flatter planes.

Accents can be concentrated on either the interior or the exterior of the face. The current trend is to put colour emphasis on the exterior. This makes the face look wider. Placing colour towards the centre of the face helps to correct a too-round or square face.

Too dark foundation will exaggerate fine lines and accentuate pores. On black skin, choose a powder slightly lighter than the skin tone. This will minimise any ashy tendency. You may need to use two colours, the lighter one in the middle.

Today’s makeup trend is about picking the best feature and emphasising it. It’s called “leading the focus.” But, please, no needless decoration. Makeup is about enhancing the wearer’s beauty not calling attention to your work. When you have finished a makeover, view your work from two feet. This is the distance most people stand from each other.

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