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Guinot Serums and Booster Treatments

A range of intensive serum and booster treatments from Guinot with options for all skin types.

  • Guinot Age Immune Serum (30ml)

    New product launch the Guinot Age Immune Serum, your anti-ageing immunity serum for the face with Guinots Immune Repair Complex which plays a key role in repairing damaged cells. Slows down the skins biological clock. Immunises against signs of ageing...

    £251.00 £214.00

    RRP £251.00SAVE: £37.00

  • Guinot Serum Liftosome (30ml)

    Lift Firming Face Serum

    Buy from the experts at Skinmaze Guinot Crown Salon

    £106.00 £90.50

    RRP £106.00SAVE: £15.50

  • Guinot Serum Lift Summum (30ml)

    New for 2021 the Guinot Serum Lift Summum for all skin types joins the Summum range.

    £135.00 £112.00

    RRP £135.00SAVE: £23.00

  • Guinot Serum Longue Vie (30ml)

    Youth Renewing Serum

    With the Guinot Serum Longue Vie the skin is left more youthful, radiant and revitalized, regaining suppleness and tone. Boost treatment commonly used day and night under your moisturiser. Great post holiday and in the winter season.

    £103.25 £75.75

    RRP £103.25SAVE: £27.50

  • Guinot Serum Hydra Cellulaire (30ml)

    Moisturising Concentrate

    The Guinot Serum Hydra Cellulaire (30ml)  rapidly re-hydrates dehydrated skin Provides deep-down moisture at the core of the skins living cells Restores the radiance, youthfulness and fitness of the face

    Leonilla's Tip

    It plumps the skin within a few minutes. I use it under my moisturiser during the day and on its own at night

    £92.50 £70.95

    RRP £92.50SAVE: £21.55

  • Guinot Bioxygene Face Serum

    The Bioxygene Guinot range for healthy and radiant skin is joined by a new entrant, the Guinot Bioxygene Face Serum This radiance and vitality face concentrate with Detoxiline rids the skin of toxins which cause skin to appear lacklustre and...

    £80.25 £72.75

    RRP £80.25SAVE: £7.50

  • Serum Longue Vie Decollete

    Smoothing and Firming Youth Serum – Décolleté

    Launched Winter 2018 the Guinot Serum Longue Vie Decollete (replaces Longue Vie Buste), a smoothing and firming serum to firm, lift and moisturise the bust and décolleté The serum rejuvenates the appearance of the decollete by smoothing, moisturising and softening the...

    £60.50 £51.25

    RRP £60.50SAVE: £9.25

  • Guinot Time Logic Age Serum Eyes (15ml)

    Advanced Anti-ageing Serum (eyes)

    Guinot Time Logic Age Serum Eyes (being renamed in 2021 to Age Logic Eye Serum and repackaged) is the first serum from Guinot to contain Cellular Energy and Cellular Life Complex, two of the proprietary ingredients created by Guinot in...

    £135.75 £97.50

    RRP £135.75SAVE: £38.25

  • Guinot Time Logic Age Serum (25ml)

    Advanced Anti-ageing Serum

    Guinot Time Logic Age Serum is being renamed in 2021 to Age Logic Serum and repackaged. This Guinot Product is a luxury night treatment that not only smoothes the skin and evens out the complexion, but also tones facial contours...

    Leonilla's Tip

    Only use the treatment 2 or 3 times a year depending on skin damage. Best to use after summer or coming out of winter to restore the skin. Use in conjunction with the Time Logic for the eyes for maximum effect.

    £231.50 £149.90

    RRP £231.50SAVE: £81.60

  • Guinot Serum Nutri Cellulaire (30ml)

    Nourishing and Hydrating Serum

    Specially developed to treat tired, devitalised skin, the Guinot Serum Nutri Cellulaire (30ml) provides two actions; it nourishes through cellular nutrition and hydrates for radiant skin.

    Leonilla's Tip

    My all year round skin booster under my moisturiser

    £95.50 £83.50

    RRP £95.50SAVE: £12.00

  • Guinot Sérum Hydra Sensitive (30ml)

    Desensitising Serum

    Guinot Sérum Hydra Sensitive (30ml)  desensitises reactive skin (note is now in a new glass bottle with a higher concentrate) . The Guinot desensitising serum reduces redness and inflammation and strengthens the skins natural defences, leaving it soothed and calmed

    Leonilla's Tip

    Not just a serum but a treatment. Very effective on rosacea and high-coloured skin. I use this in professional treatments for clients with very sensitive skin.

    £65.75 £55.75

    RRP £65.75SAVE: £10.00

  • Guinot AcniLogic (30ml)

    Intelligent Sebum Control Serum

    Guinot AcniLogic intelligent sebum control serum is an intensive, deeply penetrating gel for acne-prone and oily skin. After using the gel for just a month, your skin's balance will be restored.

    £48.50 £41.90

    RRP £48.50SAVE: £6.60