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Application Techniques

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Brows & Eyes


It’s always a good idea to brush the base powder on the eyelid to even out the colour and for the sun protection. Then use a Jane Iredale eye shadow base shade like Ecru, Shell or Oyster from lashes to under brow. Apply with the Eye Shader brush. Concentrate a darker shade on the outer corner of the eye and sweep across the lid with the Eye Contour brush. Use the Eye Liner/Brow brush and a darker shadow to draw a smoky line as close to the top and bottom lashes as possible. Flip the brush over and use the sponge tip to smudge the line. Use the shadows wet or dry. A wet line has an amazing “stay” ability as well as giving a deeper colour.

Tip: Don’t try to match the eye colour since this will only cancel out the eye. A complementary (contrasting) colour is what makes the eye pop.


The brow colour is in a mascara wand with a hollow fibre brush. The wiper is specially designed to take off enough colour so that it doesn’t “glob” on the brows. Gently stroke the brush onto the brow hairs using upward motions. Don’t apply too much at once. Use two colours for the ultimate natural effect. Comes in Blonde, Auburn, Brunette, Deep Brown and Raven (use Raven for those with very dark to black hair).

Use the darker colours like Raven to cover grey hairs in brows.


A gentle, water resistant formula that contains no shellac or petroleum products. If you are going to layer mascara, don’t wait for each application to dry. This is what makes lashes stick together. Comes in black and brown.

Tip: Professionals, cut off the wand of your tester mascaras so that nobody can give themselves a quick fix without using a disposable. Always use disposables.


Gentle and water resistant with no shellac or petroleum products. It contains wheat protein to curl lashes and hollow fibres to lengthen them. Again, layer and don’t wait for layers to dry. Apply in an upward sweeping motion. Comes in black, brown and navy.

Tip: If you value your lashes, don’t use waterproof mascara.


This is truly a rush and go product for lips, cheeks, and eyes. This cream to powder formula moisturises and conditions the skin and allows for easy application. Complete Colour can be applied with your finger, a sponge, or with the Camouflage Brush.

When applying Complete Colour on the eyelid or to the cheek, over a mineral base, you will find that your finger or the Camouflage Brush deliver the best results with the greatest ease. Complete Colour is an excellent eye shadow primer when applied sparingly to the eyelid prior to the eye shadow application. Complete Colour locks on the shadow and increases the payoff of the shimmering shades. This is especially effective for fashion print and runway work. When used on the lips, Complete Colour adds a subtle touch of colour that can be enhanced by applying Lip Drink over top for added shine, moisture, and SPF protection.

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