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Wrinkle Reduction and Derma Fillers


Aesthetic treatments for:

  • Frown Lines
  • Crows Feet
  • Forehead Lines
  • Laughter Lines
  • Upper Lip Deep Lines (smokers lines)
  • Brow Lift
  • Lip enhancement
  • Other Areas of Concern

Skinmaze specialises in advanced skincare procedures including non-surgical face lift treatments.

Now in conjunction with Doctor Reza Shams we have introduced Wrinkle Reduction and Derma Fillers treatments for those clients wishing to introduce this as a part of their skincare regime.

About Dr R. Shams:

Doctor Reza Shams BM, MRCGP, lead clinician and Director of RML Clinic qualified as a medical doctor in 1999 and gained MRCGP in 2014. Dr Shams achieved grade A in wrinkle reduction and filler injections in Aesthetics diploma at Queen Mary University, London.

He currently works as a General Practitioner in Poole. Due to his extensive experience spanning many years in his medical career, he has gained in-depth anatomical knowledge and skills required to carry out advanced cosmetic treatments.

Wrinkle Reduction and/or Derma Fillers as part of your Skincare Regime

For clients considering Wrinkle Reduction and/or Derma Fillers it is very important to realise that to gain best ongoing results it is imperative to tie this in with your overall skincare regime.

First step

Meet with Doctor Shams to have a full consultation to assess suitability and to cover off all the issues and questions one may have. You will be taken through a detailed General Consultation and Cosmetic Procedure Questionnaire.

Optional Step:

Meet with Leonilla at Skinmaze to discuss:

  1. Before Skincare Treatments to get the skin into good condition in advance of the Wrinkle Reduction and/or Derma Fillers. Increasing the levels of hydration in the skin and improving lymphatic and blood flow are important.
  2. After Skincare Treatments with non surgical face lift procedures in the areas not benefitting from Wrinkle Reduction and/or Derma Fillers so that facial features can be balanced and good muscle and skin tone maintained.
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