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Guinot Facial


Guinot treatments are available at the Skinmaze Guinot Elite Crown Beauty Salon Westbourne which offers non-surgical lifting Machine Based facial treatments PLUS a range of Hands-On facials and Eye treatments to meet the needs of all skin types and ages.

Our advanced treatments are designed to correct and prevent.

The Advanced machine-based Guinot facial signature Hydradermie2 Double Ionisation Treatments deliver immediate and long-lasting visible lifting facial results whilst the Age Summum Aesthetic treatment works on lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation and plumps the skin and the Eye Logic treatment clears congestion and minimises dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

Our range of facials will help skin conditions such as:

  • Dehydrated or Dry
  • Oily/Congested
  • Comedones (Black Heads)
  • Open Pores
  • Rosacea
  • Sensitive/Reactive
  • Fine Lines
  • Pigmentation
  • Loss of Muscle and Skin Tone
  • Photo-Damage
  • Scars
  • Sallow Complexion (Medication, Illness, Lifestyle)
  • Devitalised
  • Thinning

See the complete range below.

Every client is different and we like to recommend a Salon Treatment and Home Skincare Regime appropriate to the individual. Guinot provides an extensive homecare range for all ages and skin types which we sell in the salon and online so can deliver to your home or work. Why not View Guinot Homecare Range.

Take a look at how Guinot has developed over the decade’s History of Guinot to become the leading Salon Professionals in France and an important player in the UK and Ireland market.

Skinmaze also offers a number of Environ skincare treatments which are also listed below.

About Skinmaze Guinot Crown Salon for that Guinot Facial:

The full range of Guinot facials is available at the friendly, relaxing, luxury Skinmaze Guinot Crown Salon in Westbourne, nestled between Bournemouth and Poole.

Skinmaze has been awarded Crown Salon status in 2015 and 2016. By visiting a Crown Salon, clients can be confident that they are choosing a Guinot salon of the highest distinction with flawless principles in environment, customer care and treatment expertise.

The Skinmaze Team consists of three fully qualified and experienced Beauty Professionals with over 50 years of Guinot experience between them. Leonilla (the founder), Emily  with 21 years Guinot experience (who Leonilla worked alongside for years at the Haven Spa Sandbanks) and Zoe with 15 years Guinot experience are all dedicated to providing on-going service and guidance for all their beautiful clients.

You won’t be disappointed. Call 01202 768182 or email us: Ask The Experts

Skinmaze Westbourne is easily accessed from many of the surrounding areas so whether you were looking for a facial Bournemouth, a facial Poole, a facial Christchurch or indeed a facial Westbourne, we are ready to welcome you.

Guinot Facial Treatments
NOTE: Additional £5 charge on all Guinot Facials with Director Leonilla

Skin Consultation and Analysis


Up To30 Minutes

Hydradermie2 (anti-ageing) Cellular Level


1 FREE with course of 10

1 Hour

Detoxygen Facial Treatment


1 Hour

Hydraclean Extraction Steam Treatment


50 Minutes

Hydradermie2 Lift Express


40 minutes

Hydradermie2 Lift


1 FREE with course of 10

1 Hour

Hydradermie2 Lift Deluxe


1 FREE with course of 10

1 Hour 45 minutes

Eye Lift (for congestion, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles)


1 FREE with course of 10

40 minutes

Hydradermie Express Plus Eye Lift


1 FREE with course of 10

1 Hour 20 Minutes

Hydradermie Lift Express Plus Eye Lift


1 FREE with course of 10

1 Hour 20 Minutes
Hands on

Essential Prescription Facial (steam and extraction treatment)


1 FREE with course of 10

1 Hour

Hydra Peel

* requires patch test 24hrs in advance


1 FREE with course of 10

1 Hour

Lift Summum


1 FREE with course of 10

1 Hour

New Age Summum (Guinot Aesthetic Treatment)


1 FREE with course of 10

1 Hour
Environ and Skinceuticals Facial Treatments

Environ Cool Peel Lactic Acid Peel


50 minutes

Environ CST (skin micro-needling, collagen, stimulation therapy)

First Session £220£165

2 hours

Skinceuticals Expert Gel Peel


50 Minutes

Skinceuticals Expert Micro Peel


50 Minutes

Skinceuticals City Radiance Facial


1 Hour 15 Minutes

Skinceuticals Pigment Balancing Peel


50 Minutes

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