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Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals (30ml)


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for Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals (30ml)

Great to use on its own for a quick, light coverage or in conjunction with Amazing Base for a dewy look or Purepressed powder for a more mattifying effect. Highly recomend Absence underneath applied locally in enlarged pores areas. In case of rosacea Liquid Minerals in conjunction with Amazing Base provides great longlasting coverage.

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Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals (30ml)

NOTE: June 2023 sees the launch of the Liquid Minerals replacement: Jane Iredale Hydropure Tinted Serum


Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals are suitable for all skin types. They diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, minimise pores, even out skin tone and adhere so well, there is minimal transference. Note though there is no SPF protection with this item.

No nasties like oil, talc, FD and C dyes or synthetic preservatives.

Use the Foundation Brush with the Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals for those who prefer a brushed application.

Use one of the Jane Iredale Facial Spritz like our favourite Pommisst to help set the minerals.

Read more about the Perfect Mineral Foundation at Leonilla’s Blog.


To assist you in your Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals shade selection those shades deemed most suitable for Asian and/or darker skin tones have been marked with an asterix (*).

Application Advice for Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals:

Two pumps are usually enough for the whole face. The first few pumps will produce a clear gel. Rub it into your hands, it’s good for them.

For a sheer finish spritz the Foundation Brush with D2O, Balance or Pommisst. Pump the mousse onto the back of your hand and mix it with your fingers. Dip the brush into the mousse and spread it over the face, blending as you go

For heavier coverage use the Foundation Brush dry and then brush on a layer of Amazing Base or PurePressed Base.

Colour Guide for Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals:

Please refer to the COLOUR MATCH GUIDE for help in selecting the right shade.

 Radiant Bisque Light Beige Porcelain(light skin with neutral undertones)
Light Beige Bisque  Radiant
Bisque Light Beige Natural Fair (light skin with pink/cool undertones)
Bisque Light
Bisque Radiant Warm Silk Amber Light (light skin with yellow/warm undertones)
Bisque Radiant Warm
Radiant Satin Amber Warm Sienna Light Medium
(light to medium skin with neutral undertones)
Radiant Satin Amber Warm
Amber Warm Sienna Golden Glow Light Medium
(light to medium skin with neutral undertones)
Amber Warm
Satin Suntan Medium Dark
(medium skin with cool undertones)
Satin Suntan
Latte Caramel Deep Tan
(golden skin with neutral undertones)
Latte Caramel
Caramel Light Dark
(light dark with yellow/gold undertones)

Aqua – Deionized water.

Glyceryl Polymethacrylate – An ester of glycerin used as a thickener.

Glycerin – Derived from vegetable oil. Used as a solvent.

Seaweeds (Algin, Agar, Carrageenan) – Have anti-inflammatory capabilities in addition to being nourishing and moisturising to the skin. People who are allergic to shellfish should avoid these ingredients.

Boron Nitride – A raw ingredient originally used in the ceramics industry, it is now also produced to cosmetics grade. It is composed of flat, hexagonal, plate-like crystals that can freely slide over one another. Because of this composition, this white powder is added to cosmetics to enable a silky glide in application, and provides excellent adhesion and soft focus properties.

Hyaluronic Acid – A water-binding agent.

Algae – A thickener and antioxidant.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C) – A stable derivative of abscorbic acid. Has been shown to suppress melanin formation. Has a protective effect against skin damage by UVB radiation. A good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can be used post-exfoliation, as it frequently has a less acidic pH than water-based Vitamin C.

Squalane – A natural moisturisng agent.

Vitamin K – Rosacea specialist, Dr. Geoffrey Nase has said: “Vitamin K has been the plastic surgeons´ magical secret weapon for post-surgery bruising (damaged blood vessels). It has been shown to strengthen blood vessels (arterioles, capillaries and venules) in scientific studies. Small concentrations of Vitamin K added to your daily routine may have a very positive effect on under eye bags (swelling), under eye bluish colour (dilated venules returning de-oxygenated blood) and red dilated arterioles that have not been structurally damaged.”

Coenzyme Q10 – A naturally occurring metabolic enzyme found in every living cell of the body. Used daily, CoQ10 helps prevent and reverse the ageing process. It stimulates the vital energy necessary for skin cells to heal, protect and rejuvenate themselves. Tests show that: CoQ10 decreases DNA damage up to 70%. Significantly maintains the dermal matrix. Reduces wrinkle depth by 27%. Increases epidermal turnover and cellular renewal. Acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Stearic Acid – Derived from butter acids, cascarilla bark and other oils. Used as a softener.

Chamomile Extract – Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Studies have shown that it reduces dryness, itching, redness and sensitivity in irritated and inflamed skin. Extract obtained from the flower heads.

Willow Bark Extract – Outstanding anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is one of the few ingredients that is found in nature and is also an OTC. A natural source of salicins and beta-hydroxyacids which are especially helpful for acneic skin.

Calendula (Marigold) – Has soothing, antiseptic, anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties. Effective for oily and/or delicate skin as well as for acne. Extract obtained from the calendula blossom.

Vanilla Extract (and) Sweet Almond Extract – A proprietary blend of essential oils of vanilla and sweet almond which serve as a uniquely enhanced, all-natural preservative.

Aloe Leaf Extract – (First Aid Plant) A compound expressed from the leaf of the aloe plant. There are more than 300 species. Used medicinally for more than three thousand years. It is referred to in the Bible. Used for its softening benefits in cosmetics. Hydrating and soothing. The specifically formulated and purified aloe vera in our gel is less sensitising than raw gel.

May contain:

Mica – Found in nature in crystallised, thin elastic sheets that can be separated easily. They vary in colour from pale green, brown, or black to colourless. It can be shiny or dull. We use mica for its gliding properties in a form that does not cause shine.

Titanium Dioxide – Derived from Titanium, which is extracted from the minerals such as rutile and Ilmenite. It gives the greatest covering and tinting power of any white pigment and it is listed in the FDA monograph as one of the purest and most effective active ingredients for sun protection.

Iron Oxides – Iron oxide is iron combined with oxygen and can be found in nature or produced synthetically. It varies in colour from red to brown, black to orange or yellow depending on the degree of water and the purity.



Additional information

Shades Available

Amber, Bisque, Caramel *, Golden Glow *, Honey Bronze, Latte *, Light Beige, Natural, Radiant, Satin, Suntan, Warm Sienna*, Warm Silk

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