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Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer


NOTE: Disappear is being discontinued and replaced by Jane Iredale Purematch Concealer.

Jane Iredales  camouflage cream is so packed with pigment that it will even cover black tattoos! Better yet Jane Iredale Disappear won’t just cover breakouts but will also help them to disappear permanently. In 5 shades.

Asian and/or darker skin tones: to assist you in your product selection those shades deemed most suitable for these skin tones have been marked with an asterix (*).


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Use locally, ideally with powder under and over it

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Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer

‘- Liposome-based formula

– Green tea extract is an antioxidant, and has also been documented to combat acne bacteria

– Patented applicator allows application with or without a brush

– Promotes faster healing time for pimples

– Nourishes with seaweed and green tea extracts

– Superoxide dismutase, a copper-containing protein enzyme, decomposes free radicals


Application Advice

Apply directly to the skin with the applicator, or use our Camouflage Brush. Begin by layering and feathering the edges.

When you have enough coverage, use our Flocked Sponge to pat on Jane Iredale Amazing Base or PurePressed powder.

Disappear will grab the foundation and give you a truly opaque finish, so make sure you graduate the camouflage to avoid seeing edges.

Colour Guide

Light Medium Light Medium Medium Dark Dark
Light Medium-Light Medium Medium-Dark Dark


Aqua Water
Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters Hydrolysis means turned partly to water.
Glycerin Derived from vegetable oil. Used as a solvent.
Titanium Dioxide Derived from Titanium, which is extracted from the minerals such as rutile and Ilmenite. It gives the greatest covering and tinting power of any white pigment and it is listed in the FDA monograph as one of the purest and most effective active ingredients for sun protection.
Stearic Acid Derived from butter acids, cascarilla bark and other oils. Used as a softener.
Cyclomethicone Derived from silica. Used as an emollient and for glide. (See Dimethicone)
Tribehenin An ester of glycerin and behenic acid, a fatty acid found in seed fats. Used as an opacifier, emollient and lubricant.
Glyceryl Stearate Derived from Glycerin. Used as an emulsifier and a humectant.
PEG-100 Stearate An emulsifying agent.
Superoxide Dismutase A copper-containing protein enzyme that decomposes free radicals.
Green Tea Leaf Extract Recently discovered to have many nutritional and healthful qualities. It contains 20 times the antioxidant effect of Vitamin E and increases the effect of sunscreens. High in methylxanthines, which are believed (by the National Cancer Institute) to prevent skin cancer. Green tea also helps prevent irritation of the skin.
Willow Bark Extract Outstanding anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is one of the few ingredients that is found in nature and is also an OTC. A natural source of salicins and beta-hydroxyacids which are especially helpful for acneic skin.
Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate Vitamin C
Vanilla Fruit Extract Used for scent and flavor.
Sweet Almond Extract Serves as a uniquely enhanced, all-natural preservative.
Bisabolol A myrrh-type gum resin obtained from African trees. It reduces sensitivity and inflammation. It is also soothing and has vaso-constrictive properties. Also used as a preservative.
Xanthan Gum Also called corn sugar gum. Used as a thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer.
May contain
Iron Oxides Iron oxide is iron combined with oxygen and can be found in nature or produced synthetically. It varies in color from red to brown, black to orange or yellow depending on the degree of water and the purity.

Additional information

Shades Available

Dark*, Light, Medium *, Medium Dark *, Medium Light*

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