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Guinot Creme Riche Age Logic (50ml)

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Leonilla's Tip
for Guinot Creme Riche Age Logic (50ml)

When this beautiful jar landed at our clinic, we celebrated! This is not just a ‘pretty face’, this is a super intelligent skin food formula for DRY, DULL and LIFELESS complexions that will deliver the result we want. ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate will repair damaged cells by slowly releasing new energy into them. RAMBUTAN LEAF EXTRACT is a natural alternative to RETINOL and works through the skin to the key area to begin the manifactoring process of making new collagen and elastin. This is a great news for those with Retinol intolerance.
Apply a thin layer over the pre-cleansed face and the neck AM and PM. Within a matter of days you will see a significant improvement in skin elasticity, reduction in dynamic wrinkles and skin texture. Guinot Age logic Rich Cream can be used as a stand alone treatment or combined with GUINOT SERUM AGE LOGIC, GUINOT SERUM LONGUE VIE or GUINOT SERUM NUTRI CELLULAIR. I highly recommend using CLEAN LOGIC CLEANSER AND A TONER in treatment of dry skin and a loss of firmness linked with HORMONAL CHANGES due to MENOPAUSE or MEDICATIONS. Enjoy!


Guinot Creme Riche Age Logic (50ml)

Now launched the Guinot Creme Riche Age Logic which will replace the Age Nutritive

The Age Logic Rich Cream is for dry skin and results in a  more youthful skin appearance.

Properly nourished with this intensive moisturiser , the skin recovers the radiance, comfort and tonicity of more youthful skin.

ATP Actinergie, Rambutan Leaf Extract and  56 Cellular ingredients help boost cell activity while Liposkin and Pro-Ceramides help restart the mechanism of cell nutrition.


Rambutan Leaf Extract – Comes from Lychee Fruit Family from Asia. It is a natural Alternative to Retinol, Works to increase synthesis of Collagen 1 (Stronger, bulkier, more mature collagen in the skin) and  elastin fibres, to firm and smooth out fines lines and wrinkles.

Liposkin – Veggie Butter – Nourish, rich in saturated fatty acids, helps rebuild natural skin barrier., creates a film over the skin to prevent moisture loss.

Pro Ceramides – Boots Synthesis of natural oils in the skin, (as we age this oil depletes so our skin gets naturally drier). Still Has Raspberry Seed Oil in (This was in Guinot Age Nutritive and is rich in Omega 3 & 6) but now also has Avocado Butter, which is rich in Omega 9.

Decrease of 49% in wrinkle depth after 1 month

Increase of Firmness of 42% in one month of use

Decrease of 30.7% in Moisture loss within 3 hrs of use


Apply Guinot Creme Riche Age Logic morning and evening after cleansing thoroughly.


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