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Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire (50ml)

Advanced Anti-Ageing

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Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire (2018 renaming to Crème Age Logic) is the ultimate anti-ageing skincare product working on restoration of the skin. Recommended for mature, sagging, rapidly ageing, photo damaged skin. Accelerates cell renewal, stimulates collagen synthesis, replenishes lipids, improves laxity and visibly improves texture of the skin. Use am and pm.

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Leonilla's Tip
for Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire (50ml)

The Rolls Royce of the anti-ageing range. Use in conjunction with Guinot Age Logic Yeux for the eyes. Supports the results of a Professional Hydradermie facial treatment.


Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire (50ml)

Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire is from the  advanced skincare range. As we age, our skin cells become sluggish and tired and basic nutritional elements are no longer enough for them to perform at optimum levels. For truly effective anti-ageing results, it is necessary to provide the with biological energy.

The first skincare treatment capable of reversing the actions of the cellular ageing process. Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire’s formulation is based on a complex of scientifically-advanced ingredients that trigger energy in lethargic and dormant aged skin cells. ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a biological factor that supplies energy to cells, and Actinergie , an agent that supports cellular oxygenation, work synergistically to help boost cell oxygen consumption and stimulate metabolism – providing aged cells with the energy of youthful cells and the ability to better absorb nourishment.

Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire is a pioneering moisturiser in the anti-ageing quest. Until now, moisturisers have compensated and protected the skin against the ageing process with active ingredients that stimulate and regenerate the skin’s supportive elastin fibres and collagen stores.

Age Logic Cellulaire is different; it is the first ever professional skincare product that actually contains cellular energy to boost the activity of cells. Age Logic Cellulaire is formulated with two vital ingredients – ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate – the cellular energy molecule which transports energy around the human body) and Oxynergine (oxygenating and anti-wrinkle component). Together these two active ingredients increase oxygen absorption in cells by stimulating their metabolism and boosting cellular activity, ‘deprogramming’ the cellular ageing process. Russet Edgar, Guinot UK Flagship Salon Manager makes this analogy, “Think of ATP and Actinergie like ‘fire and bellows for cells’. ATP is the fire that fuels the body and keeps it burning by transporting energy around the human body. With age, the production of ATP decreases and the fire becomes more like smouldering embers than a raging bonfire! When Actinergie is introduced the fire is rekindled; Actinergie acts as metaphorical bellows breathing life into the new cells and fuelling the production of ATP, in turn increasing the metabolism of the cells.” Age Logic Cellulaire has been formulated specifically for use by women with mature skin (aged 45+). It is to be used for two consecutive months, either on its own, or under either of Guinot’s other anti-ageing moisturisers – Base or Crème Anti-Rides.

The rich thick texture of Age Logic Cellulaire becomes light and malleable on application and is easily absorbed, leaving a protective layer of moisture on the skin’s surface throughout the day. The fresh, floral fragrance includes extracts of grapefruit, mandarin, freesia, cherry blossom and green tea. Overall results after using Age Logic Cellulaire: – ‘Awakens’ inactive cells – Renews epidermis – Regenerates elastin fibres – Reactivates sebaceous functions – Stimulates cellular renewal and regeneration – Reactivates skin’s metabolism – Protects skin from loss of elasticity and firmness due to glycation Results after just four weeks: – Wrinkles are reduced by almost 50% – Firmness increases by over 50% – Cutaneous hydration increases – Collagen quality improves in the basal layer – Dermis and epidermis are more supple.

Look to use in conjunction with the Age Logic Yeux for the eyes. Samples of both products are available.

Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire Application Advice

Apply Age Logic Celluaire am and pm. Smooth gently over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

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