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Guinot Age Logic Yeux Eye Care(15ml)

Intelligent Cell Renewal For Eyes

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Leonilla's Tip
for Guinot Age Logic Yeux Eye Care(15ml)

The Rolls Royce of the anti-ageing range. Great to use on an ongoing basis or a month before that very special occasion. For optimum results combine it with Anti-fatigue Yeux  Eye Mask.

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Guinot Age Logic Yeux Eye Care(15ml)

RESULTS: Regenerates and Rehydrates the Eye Contour Area.

Guinot Age Logic Yeux is an advanced intensive moisturising treatment for the eyes to be used day and night. It is a combination of a serum and a moisturiser. Ideal for mature skin or extensive skin damage in younger individuals. Targets all aspects of skin damage associated with ageing.

The anti-ageing eye care product, Guinot Age Logic Yeux replenishes, rehydrates and regenerates the delicate eye contour.

The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than that of the face. It has fewer sebaceous glands, making it more fragile and particularly prone to dehydration, lines and wrinkles. With age, there is the added concern of loss of elasticity and firmness due to glycation. Age Logic Yeux combats these concerns with two main ingredients – ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) and oxygenating Actinergie®. This Guinot-exclusive combination boosts cellular activity by ‘breathing life’ into inactive, ageing cells.

ATP is the fire that fuels the body and keeps it burning by transporting energy around the human body. With age, ATP production decreases. Oxygenating Actinergie® acts as the metaphorical ‘bellows’ rekindling the fire and fuelling ATP production, in turn increasing the metabolism of the cells.

Guinot recommends Age Logic Yeux for women over 35.


Key Active Ingredients:

ATP, the biological energy molecule.

Applying Guinot Age Logic Yeux:

Use am and pm after cleansing and before moisturiser. Apply sparingly from below eyebrow to eyelid crease and just below lower lashes. Avoid inner corners and tear duct. The concentrated and nourishing formula means that only a very small amount is needed – no more than the size of a grain of rice.

Appropriate Salon Treatments:

Consider a professional Guinot treatment course of the Eye Logic to work in tandem with your home skincare regime. Targets congestion, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

Available at our Skinmaze Guinot Crown Salon.

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A selection of other Guinot associated eye products are shown below or you may wish to visit the full Guinot Eye Range.

But if you still have questions then please contact Leonilla and Team, the Guinot Professionals AskTheExperts

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