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Jane Iredale D2O Hydration (90 ml)


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Using a Facial Spritz to complete your makeup really helps it last longer and hydrates your skin. For best results use before and after makeup application

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Jane Iredale D2O Hydration (90 ml)

A Jane Iredale hydrator for all skin types.

Use the Jane Iredale D2O to set minerals and conceal pores and fine lines

Oily skins can use as a moisturizer.

Laser patients spritz frequently – especially during dry, flaky period.

D2O is Deuterium Oxide – heavy water. Its hydrogen molecule is twice the weight of the molecule in ordinary water, which makes D2O 10% heavier than H2O.

Research has found that heavy water has a higher resistance to vaporization, which helps it stay on the skin for longer periods of time.It has more viscosity. This ‘thickness’ gives it a higher ‘plumping’ effect than regular water and the skin does not dry out as quickly or as deeply.

It requires ten times as much energy to be ionized than regular water, which makes it more protective against ultra violet radiation.

It inactivates certain acne bacteria, making it an ideal moisturizing agent for blemish-prone skin.

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