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Guinot Cellulite and Stretch Marks

The Guinot bodycare range covers cellulite, stretch marks, weight loss, toning and firming treatments.

Guinot Slim Logic Capsules

Guinot Slim Logic Capsules act from the inside out. The capsules help burn fat to maximise slimming. Take one capsule during breakfast and one capsule…

RRP £40.25SAVE: £6.25

Guinot Slim Logic

Guinot Slim Logic (anti-cellulite slimming cream) takes the place of Minceur Rapide. Its creamy texture, which is  delicately scented, is rapidly absorbed and enables you…

RRP £43.50SAVE: £6.55

Guinot Sculpt Expert

Reshaping and Firming Body Cream

Guinot Sculpt Expert (200ml)  is a highly effective reshaping and slimming body cream. It helps to firm and repair the skin tissue deep down to…

Leonilla's Tips

Ideal to use after body brushing, leave to absorb 5 minutes before dressing. Start with Gommage Facile in the shower.

Leonilla's Tip
RRP £51.50SAVE: £6.00

Guinot Longue Vie Corps

Vital Body Care

Guinot Longue Vie Corps (200ml) is an exciting new vital body product from Guinot designed to restore the body’s youthful and firm appearance by promoting cellular renewal and helping reshape curves and make the skin silky soft.

RRP £70.50SAVE: £13.55
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x2 £53.50

Guinot Creme Specifique Vergetures

Stretch Mark Cream

Guinot Creme Specifique Vergetures (200ml) stretch mark cream has been tailored to fight the formation of  stretch marks and lessen their appearance.

Stretch marks can now be controlled with the new formula. Ideal for use during pregnancy

RRP £105.00SAVE: £31.00

Guinot Gel Jambes Legeres

Soothing Gel for Legs

Guinot Gel Jambes Legeres (150ml)  gel for legs refreshes and soothes tired and aching legs through the use of draining and cooling active ingredients.

RRP £37.25SAVE: £6.75
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x2 £28.50

Guinot NutriLogic (150ml)

Nourishing Body Cream

Guinot NutriLogic (150ml), now renamed as Baume NutriScience Nourishing Body Balm

Leonilla's Tips

For those with normal and dry skin for use all over the body. I find it great on elbows, knees and knuckles which get extremely dry. I often use it in salon treatments as a finishing touch

Leonilla's Tip
RRP £40.50SAVE: £5.25
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x2 £34.50

Guinot Minceur Chrono Logic

Body Slimming Cream

Guinot Minceur Chrono Logic 125ml (Concentrated Body Slimming Cream) replace Age Logic Minceur. Works on cellulite with visible results after 15 days.

Leonilla's Tips

Is a great intensive homecare cellulite treatment for use between Guinot TechniSpa cellulite salon treatments

Leonilla's Tip
RRP £52.50SAVE: £8.25