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Skinceuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst (30ml)


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Skinceuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst (30ml)

May 2024 sees the launch of the Skinceuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst.

This Skinceuticals  Correct serum accelerates skin surface renewal cycles and improves anti-ageing results such as fine lines.  It gently peels and enhances cell turnover at smoothing texture and improving the  appearance of discolouration whilst leaving the skin hydrated.

Cell Cycle Catalyst is a perfect first step to boost the results of an anti-ageing routine. It can also be used to prepare skin ahead of professional chemical peels at our Skinmaze Clinic.

Application of Skinceuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst

Easy to incorporate with your AM/PM anti-ageing routines

Step 1: Prep + Dispense For effective skincare, incorporate Cell Cycle Catalyst into your routine. After cleansing, apply 1/3 of a dropper either in the morning or at night. Gently massage onto your skin or use a soaked cotton pad for application.

Step 2: Apply + Complete Gently smooth the serum onto dry skin. Follow with a Skinceuticals antioxidant serum.


Complete your Cell Cycle Catalyst Routine (Correct)  with CE Ferulic (Prevent), HA Intensifier (Correct), Advanced Brightening SPF50 (Protect)


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