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Jan Marini Clean Zyme


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Jan Marini Clean Zyme

The Jan Marini Clean Zyme Face Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and is an exfoliating cleanser that promotes a radiant, refreshed complexion. This resurfacing cleanser contains an enzyme derived from papaya that selectively breaks down dulling skin cells, stimulating skin renewal without irritation, making it gentle enough for even sensitive or post-procedure skin. Its exfoliating properties also work to clear clogged pores and prepare the skin for other treatment products. Use this cleanser to rejuvenate mature skin, combat acne, reduce hyperpigmentation, and diminish the appearance of facial scarring.

Apply the Jan Marini Clean Zyme in place of a regular cleanser, and leave it on for one to two minutes. Remove with a clean, damp washcloth using lukewarm water. Blot dry.

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