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Guinot Hydrazone Yeux (15ml)

Eye Contour Long Lasting Hydrating


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Guinot Hydrazone Yeux (renamed Serum Creme Hydrazone Yeux and reformulated 2018) day and night time eye moisturiser provides a long lasting source of moisture for the eye contour through Hydro-Liposomes. Ideal for younger skin concerned with ageing.

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Leonilla's Tip
for Guinot Hydrazone Yeux (15ml)

I find dehydration lines go within a day or so. Reapply during the day since the eye area dehydrates quicker than the rest of the face. Great for frequent flyers and those in front of a computer screen.


Guinot Hydrazone Yeux (15ml)

Guinot Hydrazone Yeux is an opthalmologically tested hydrating eye cream for anybody concerned with fine lines and dehydration. Hydrazone Yeux rehydrates the delicate eye contour, plumping fine lines and restoring a brighter, more radiant look.

The formulation of Hydrazone Yeux provides protection for the eye area by reinforcing the skin’s natural protective barrier and replenishing the lost moisture. It has a fresh floral fragrance with extracts of green tea, bergamont, lemon, hyacinth and lily of the valley.

Guinot Hydrazone Yeux (Long Lasting Hydrating Eye Cream) is an eye treatment to prevent puffiness and dark circles in the
delicate eye area

Although the main signs of ageing may not be too visible in younger skin, late nights, exposure to blue light, stress, too much exercise, alcohol consumption and wearing poor quality eye make-up will soon take their toll unless the right precautions are taken at an early stage. As the skin around the eyes is so thin and delicate, it is often one of the first places to show signs of ageing and demands particular attention. Guinot Hydrazone Yeux is the first step against ageing around the eyes for younger clients as it tackles their main concerns of dehydration and fine lines – they don’t have to worry yet about intensive anti-ageing treatments.”

The formulation of Hydrazone Yeux provides protection for the eye area by reinforcing the delicate hydrolipidic film (the skin’s natural protective barrier) and replenishing the skin with lost moisture – it is even suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

The light non-greasy cream comes in a hygienic and easy to use airless pump-action bottle. The cream is quickly absorbed, leaving a matt, light-reflecting finish on the skin’s surface.

Application Advice for Guinot Hydrazone Yeux

Use Hydrazone Yeux am and pm.

When applying Guinot Hydrazone Yeux (and eye products in general), there is a correct technique that should be followed. Hydrazone Yeux should be applied sparingly morning and evening in a horseshoe shape around the brow-bone (not too close to the eye) using gentle tapping movements – do not rub or drag the skin. As the skin is so fine it acts like a sponge, absorbing the moisture it needs quickly and effectively, therefore you don’t need to blend-in the product like you would for perhaps the face and body.

Samples of Hydrazone Yeux are available. For advice on eye care, why not Ask The Experts at Skinmaze.

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