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Guinot Crème Nutrition Confort (50ml)

( Continuous Nourishing and Protection Cream )

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Guinot Creme Nutrition Confort (50ml), continuous nourishing and protection cream is a nourishing repair cream for very dry skin; repairs the skin deeply due to the instant penetration of the essential oils. Daily moisturiser for am and pm use. Great used in conjunction with mask Masque Essential Nutrition Confort.

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Leonilla’s Tips

Use in conjunction with mask Masque Essential Nutrition Confort. To be used twice a week after exfoliating.

Leonilla’s Tip

Guinot Crème Nutrition Confort (50ml)

Guinot Creme Nutrition Confort restores the Hyro-lipidic film and the skin’s natural comfort with the nourishing oils. Above all, dry skin needs well being and protection.

This is what Guinot Creme Nutrition Confort offers daily. This beauty elixir, brimming with nourishing and protective essential oils, sheilds the skin to help it face outside attack. Active ingredients are progressively dispersed within the epidermis to minimise all sensations of discomfort. More supple, perfectly nourished, the skin becomes divinely replenished.

This Guinot Product is a rich but easily absorbed cream that instantly comforts the moment it is applied. Essential oils of Thyme, Lavender and Rosemary soothe, repair and regenerate dry, taut skin. Shea Butter deeply moisturises, nourishes and protects whilst Jojoba oil restores the hydrolipid film on the surface of the skin to ensure moisture isn’t lost. Evening Primrose Oil stimulates micro-circulation, as well as firming and restoring suppleness to the skin and Vitamin E regenerates, rehydrates and provides anti-free radical action. Due to the instant absorption of the essential oils, skin is left nourished, suppler, softer and feeling more comfortable.

Application Advice

Use the Guinot Continuous Nourishing and Protection Cream am and pm. Smooth gently over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

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