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Environ AVST 5 PLUS Cosmetic Roll- CIT

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Leonilla's Tip
for Environ AVST 5 PLUS Cosmetic Roll- CIT

You need to apply the Cosmetic Roll-CIT 3 times a week prior to the AVST5 moisturiser in the evening only.

First Cleanse and tone, blot the skin with a soft tissue. I like to apply the Cosmetic roller CIT in sections.

Using light pressure, roll on the forehead first followed by AVST5 straight away.

Carry on the one side of the face and then the other side followed by AVST5 after you complete application of the roller on each side.

It is important not to use too much pressure as it can scratch the skin. You should experience a slight prickly sensation and observe a mild form of erythema (high colour).



Environ AVST 5 PLUS Cosmetic Roll- CIT

Combine the Environ Cosmetic Roll – CIT with your AVST 5 to deepen the absorbtion of active ingredients like vitamins and peptides.

It is a good way to :

stimulate fibroblast by improving blood supply to produce new collagen

oxigen delivery to support the function of skin cells and their respiration

thicken the skin and minimise enlarged skin pores

improve skin texture and restore glow


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