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Advanced Nutrition Programme

Skin Accumax (60 capsules)


Earn up to 42 Points.

Skin Accumax (60 capsules)

Number One Seller at Advanced Nutrition Programme.

Accumax works from within for clear, flawless skin.

It feeds every cell in the body so can help support all areas of the skin such as the face, chest, back and shoulders.

Accumax doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals

Skin AccumaxTM has a unique formula containing with
skin-perfecting ingredient DIM
(a patented, highly active plant compound), as
well as other complexion enhancing active ingredients.

Main ingredients Phytonutrient (found in broccoli), Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Always check details on packaging for Ingredients,  Dosage and Cautions.

Not suitable during pregnancy or when expecting.

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