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Nailtiques Background and History

Nailtiques is a unique therapeutic nail care system designed to promote and maintain healthy, natural nail growth. Everyone’s nails are different and need treating in a very individual way to ensure their condition is improved. Whether nails are soft and thin, hard and dehydrated or just require a maintenance programme, Nailtiques has the formula to suit everyone.

The range has been formulated and designed to work together as a total manicure and pedicure regime. The products complement each other, all with an individual role to play in the whole procedure. Nailtiques uses ingredients that work in synergy with the natural makeup of the nail. They contain a combination of natural proteins and conditioners to nourish the nail and the range’s moisturising treatments rehydrate and recondition the nail, cuticle and surrounding skin.

Nailtiques was founded in 1993 and has developed into a world-renowned system that is synonymous with quality salons and professionalism. It produces effective and exceptional results and creates beautiful treatments every time.

Nailtiques History

Diane Longo founded Nailtiques in America in 1993.

Diane, a therapist and salon owner found that the products she used were not specific enough for the different nail conditions of her clients.

Diane found that many products were out of date having been formulated years ago and did not include state of the art ingredients and current scientific knowledge. Products had to be applied in too many layers which gave unsatisfactory finish and slow dry time.

Diane took her years of training and expertise and devoted her resources into creating and developing an effective manicure and pedicure range which is now renowned worldwide.