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Nail Care

manicure-smOngoing nail care is vital for your nails

Nails are made up of the same protein as skin and hair, Keratin. Nails are composed of the hardest form of Keratin, but like hair and skin nails fall into various categories and types:

Healthy nails

Healthy nails are recognised by good flexibility, healthy pinkish colour and a light sheen to the nail surface. Healthy nails need an equal amount of protein and conditioners to help maintain them. Look at Nailtiques Protein Formula 1

Nail Care For:

Soft, thin nails

This type of nail is recognised by peeling layers which are thin to touch. This condition is often caused by a lack of protection against everyday enviromental hazards such as detergents, gardening and general daily chores which cause stress to the nail. Soft nails need a higher amount of protein to enable healthy nail growth. Look at Nailtiques Protein Formula 2

Excessively soft and peeling nails

Excessively soft nails can be recognised by extensive peeling across the full length of the nail. These nails are thin to touch with paper like quality. This type of nail often splits very easily and breaks off as soon as any free edge appears. Excessively soft nails need more protein than any other nail types. Look at Nailtiques Protein Formula 2 Plus

Hard, dehydrated nails

Strong, dehydrated and usually ridged, hard nails snap easily due to a lack of moisture. These nails tend to break lower down the free edge and often at the side wall of the nail. Many people can suffer with this type of nail when taking medication or going through hormonal changes. Hard nails need to be treated with conditioners to give flexibility and moisture. Look at Nailtiques nail care Protein Formula 3

Damaged/sensitive nails (after artificial use)

These nails are very dehydrated due to the chemicals that have been used . Sensitivity can occur if the nail plate has become thin and dry. These nails will initially lack moisture but will also need protein to strengthen them. Look at Nailtiques After Artificial Treatment.

Take a look at the Nailtiques nailcare range to help treat all the above nail care conditions.

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