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Jane Iredale Mineral MakeUp… For That Flawless Complexion

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Article by Leonilla from Skinmaze

I just adore the American brand Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup for myself and my clients.

Created by British-born Jane Iredale, it has become the leading cosmetic brand in professional UK beauty salons and clinics.

I have extensive experience with the makeup having received my Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Certificate (personally signed by Jane Iredale herself) back in 2002 during the early days of  the makeup.

For young or old, for everyday use with its SPF protection in many products, for that evening out or special occasion, JI’s extensive range meets all needs.

The entire range has gone through safety, allergy and comedogenicity tests to confirm the products are non-irritating and don’t block pores, providing confidence for even those with the most sensitive skin.

At our Beauty Salon Skinmaze in Westbourne the full range is on show to test at our Makeup Pod.

You can also view the range online.

Makeup Workshops for all ages, Teenager Makeover Parties (we want youngsters to start with the right approach and understanding rather that picking up the cheapest high street brand), Wedding Trial Makeup Sessions and much more are on offer from us.

This truly unique makeup collection is made from the finest micronized minerals and natural ingredients as well as 24K Gold dust.

It has no nasties like talc (derivative of chalk which is highly congesting for skin pores), sellac (synthetic filler in mascaras known as allergen) and other chemicals that give our precious skin numerous problems that some of us end up fighting with oral or topical steroids and antibiotics from our GPs.

The Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup range extends from very light to light, medium and heavy-wearing concealers and bases to create the most flawlesss skin complexion on the trickiest face.

No matter how much you apply it will still feel weightless. All skin types take substantial benefit from using this natural anti-ageing formula that not just visibly vanishes skin blemishes or other imperfections and conceals enlarged pores, but will reduce high colour in case of rosacea or oily shine in case of ever production of sebum.

It will cover pigmentation around scarring tissue or photo-damaged areas of the face, the chest and other areas of the body.

The key to a flawless skin is in selecting the best foundation mineral products for your skin type, the appropriate facial spritz for setting and the correct application brush. And then of course applying the makeup correctly. Once mastered you won’t look back.

Jane Iredale UV Protection:

My favourite virtue of this amazing skin care makeup is its physical SPF protection that can last for hours even in running water.

There are in fact no less than six products in the range approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation.These 6 products are in fact some of Jane Iredale best sellers lead by the Purepressed Powder with SPF 20 UVA/UVB protection and the Glowtime BB Cream with SPF 30 protection

.In the Jane Iredale range comes a huge palette of bronzers, eye shadows, lipsticks and lip glosses of most desirable colours that give you options to create varied looks from a natural day wear to dramatic queen of the night look.

I have been using Jane Iredale minerals since 2002 and I’m xx! years old now so I’m not intending to give it up anytime soon! But I do want to share it with others.That’s why my Skinmaze team and myself are on hand in salon but also contactable by phone 01202 946003 and via our Ask The Experts email to provide advice to help you select the best products in the range to meet your needs and to suit your skin type and condition. You too can enjoy and benefit from the extensive range. Fortunately Jane Iredale samples are available to try sso that costs can be kept to a minimum while experimenting. Join Us!

jane iredale mineral makeup