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Jane Iredale Tips from Leonilla

Extra attention – the most delicate areas

The most delicate areas (eyes, lips and neck) need special daily extra attention. Continually exposed to the elements and with a thinner skin layer these areas are normally the first to show signs of ageing.

Neck cream, lip cream and selection of eye care products should all be considered to help protect those most delicate areas.

Exfoliating – you win

Exfoliation makes skin both healthier looking and more receptive to the active ingredients on skincare products. Maximum benefit if used before a mask twice a week.

Blackheads nightmare

The black is the oxidised product of oil. Pores will continue to produce sebum and be exposed to the air.

Avoid chocolate, sugar, junk food and alcohol as much as possible. Avoid foundations and moisturisers that contain oil or talc (minerals are best).

Mineral Bases don’t clog pores because they do not contain talc. Minerals will look after your skin.

Wash once a day with a foaming cleanser and tone with a Lotion. Exfoliate twice a week with and moisturise am and pm.

A course of Facials should help to clear the problem as they can deep cleanse your skin as well as tighten pores.

Flying – some simple steps

Flying is a real killer on the skin with a very low humidity level (less than in the desert). Plus if you are a nervous flyer stress levels will increase skin sensitivity.

Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine during the flight. After take-off spray your face with a mist.

Lock in the mist with a moisturiser plus a lip cream and eye cream. Re-apply every 40 minutes of the journey to keep the skin protected.

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