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Environ Tips from Leonilla

I personally sometimes get overwhelmed when I visit a website to purchase an item and get presented with a vast array of products to choose from.

I took this dilemma into account when creating and presenting our Environ online range.

As you browse through the extensive range of Environ home care beauty products, you will note my ‘Leonilla Tips’ which I hope you find of use.

If you feel you need further assistance regarding products, your complete home care skin regime or on appropriate salon treatments, then please contact us: AskTheExperts

Alternatively you can call us on 01202 946003 to speak to one of our professionals or to place an order.

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Below I have created some general tips regarding both your skincare and makeup regime. I hope they may be of help.

Although we have products and treatments to help with each issue covered below, I have deliberately refrained from adding in product recommendations and links thus enabling you to read and absorb.

Routine face care

Whatever your skin type, we all need to follow some simple routines to maintain a healthy skin.


  • Moisturise am and pm
  • Exfoliate weekly
  • Use a facial mask 2-3 times a week
  • Apply special products to those delicate areas such as the eyes, lips and neck
  • Visit your local Beauty Salon for an appropriate facial on a regular basis

Body and Soul

The body is often neglected but needs almost as much attention as the face.

Showers not baths are best for your body (it really goes without saying!). Even then, keeping temperatures down and time to 10-15 minutes will help retain the skins liquid layer.

Regular massage and pampering is a must. Remember to exfoliate once a week and moisturise.

Hand, Nail and Cuticle Care

Weak or broken nails, cracked cuticles? Your hands (and feet!) are shouting out for attention.

Keep them out of water (particularly hot water) as much as possible. Use a hand wash with moisturiser as well as moisturise after every wash. Don’t use detergents on bare hands, always use gloves. Include protein in your diet.

When outside use an SPF sun care lotion to help delay age spots. Remember to exfoliate your hands once a week and use a mask for extra boost to rejuvenate and restore radiance.

Make me up!

Makeup will look rotten if it’s applied on top of dry, flaky or dull skin.

So before you start on the makeup ensure that you have a good skincare routine. Exfoliating is a must! Exfoliate once every week.

Use an appropriate moisturiser day and night for your skin type and age and use an appropriate face mask twice a week.

Regarding the makeup choice, the most important thing is to avoid makeup containing parabens and fillers such as talc which makes your skin congested. A mineral makeup range is a better and more natural choice.

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