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Guinot Eyes, Neck, Lips, Hands, Feet

Guinot Age Logic Yeux PLUS Time Logic Yeux

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Look no further, this is the ultimate Guinot cosmetic eye treatment in a bottle for a quick fix with a long lasting result. For short term use only.

RRP £221.00SAVE: £63.50

Guinot Masque Yeux (Eye Mask)

Instant Eye Mask

Ideal for sufferers of lack of sleep. Guinot Masque Yeux is an eye revitalising treatment with smoothing effect on wrinkles and crow’s feet with a moisture boost and draining effect on puffy eyes. Use 2 or 3 times a week for 10-15 minutes for maximum results. For all skin types including sensitive.

Leonilla's Tips

This Guinot Eye Mask is an essential part of our professional treatments. A great homecare product too for use twice a week or more if eyes look and feel tired. Particularly useful for those wearing glasses or contact lenses, work in front of a computer, swimmers, flyers and outdoor workers.

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RRP £35.50SAVE: £6.40
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x3 £26.20

Guinot Age Logic Eye Mask (4 masks)

The new Guinot Age Logic Eye Mask consisting of 4 Eye Contour Masks reduce puffiness and dark circles. Leave the mask on for just 8…

Leonilla's Tips

Instant results for those stuck in front of a computer and suffering from tired, puffy eyes. Use as and when needed.

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RRP £36.50SAVE: £18.25

Guinot Hydrazone Yeux (15ml)

Eye Contour Long Lasting Hydrating

Guinot Hydrazone Yeux (renamed Serum Creme Hydrazone Yeux and reformulated 2018) day and night time eye moisturiser provides a long lasting source of moisture for the eye contour through Hydro-Liposomes. Ideal for younger skin concerned with ageing.

Leonilla's Tips

I find dehydration lines go within a day or so. Reapply during the day since the eye area dehydrates quicker than the rest of the face. Great for frequent flyers and those in front of a computer screen.

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RRP £48.50SAVE: £12.25
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x2 £34.75

Guinot Hydrazone Yeux PLUS Masque Yeux

Buy this combined package and save on purchasing individually.

This Guinot combination is for any skin types around the delicate eye area to counter the 3 prime signs of ageing: moisture loss, collagen loss and free radical damage. Great after UV exposure.

RRP £84.00SAVE: £22.00

Guinot Eye Fresh Cream (15ml)

Your tired look answer. Guinot Eye Fresh Cream (15ml) is a refreshing eye care for under eye puffiness and dark circles. Ideal for use under makeup.

RRP £48.50SAVE: £11.00

Guinot Dark Circle Corrector (15ml)

Mineral under eye concealer for all skin types providing instant long lasting coverage to any discolouration in the eye area whilst working to combat the problems beneath the skin due to its active ingredients.

Leonilla's Tips

Use Guinot’s mask Masque Yeux twice a week to reinforce the anti-fatigue action

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Guinot Dark Circle Corrector PLUS Masque Yeux

Buy this combined package and save on purchasing individually.

This combination is a treatment for dark circles caused by stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, pregnancy, lifestyle, smoking, long distance travel, illness and medications.

RRP £54.70SAVE: £8.45