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Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin means the skin lacks water. Indicators will include superficial lines,

increased sensitivity and thin paper like texture of the skin.

Guinot homecare products will provide a triple action moisturising effect with longterm hydration of the epidermis, prevention of moisture loss and skin protection .

Appropriate Guinot professional salon treatments at our Skinmaze Guinot Crown Salon include: Hydradermie2 double ionisation, Aromatic Facial and Age Summum.

Guinot Hydra Summum

New for Winter 2017, the ultimate hydration experience, Moisturiser  Guinot Hydra Summum (50ml). Provides an innovative boost with an average 54% increase in moisture levels…

RRP £86.50SAVE: £11.50

Guinot Brume Hydra Beaute

Hydrating Face Mist

The new Guinot Brume Hydra Beaute (100ml) is a fresh, light, hydrating face mist. Moisture content is enhanced whilst revitalising the skin so that it…

RRP £23.75SAVE: £2.80

Guinot Creme Fluide Hydrazone

Fluid Face Cream

Guinot Creme Fluide Hydrazone (50ml) offers intense moisture for the skin day and night. Perfect for clients with dehydrated skin providing a light, fresh moisturiser…

Leonilla's Tips

Can also be used as an effective base to hold make-up in place for longer and to help avoid a shiny face look

Leonilla's Tip
RRP £52.00SAVE: £7.00

Guinot Starter Kit Hydration

Get to know Guinot with the Box Set Guinot Hydration starter kit /treatment course of cleanser, serum, mask and moisturiser.

Rehydrates and nourishes the skin. Also ideal for travel and as a gift.


RRP £29.50SAVE: £0.90

Guinot Crème Hydra Beaute (50ml)

Long Lasting Moisturising Cream

Guinot Crème Hydra Beauté (50ml) is a light but long-lasting, deeply moisturising cream with UV filters that leaves a protective veil over the skin to prevent water evaporation. It is one of Guinot’s most popular moisturisers and for good reason.

Leonilla's Tips

A very popular moisturiser and not surprising when it is so versatile and suitable for all skin types lacking hydration. Can be used with any of the masks in the range PLUS is ideal and safe during pregnancy. Next step up is Hydrazone Toutes Peaux.

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RRP £44.00SAVE: £10.20
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Guinot Duo Crème Hydra Beaute and Longue Vie Yeux

Buy the duo of the Guinot Creme Hydra Beaute (50ml) and the Longue Vie Yeux (15ml) and save on the individual prices.

Your daily face and eye task with both used twice a day on cleansed skin.To boost the moisture level in the epidermis and maintain the skin protective barrier in good condition. Longue Vie Yeux diminishes fine lines and prevents crows feet and dark circle / puffiness in delicate eye area.

RRP £88.00SAVE: £21.80

Guinot Duo of Crème Hydra Beaute and Masque Hydra Beaute

Buy the duo of the Guinot Creme Hydra Beaute (50ml) and the Masque Hydra Beaute (50ml) and save on the individual prices.

Our most popular home treatment for thirsty dehydrated skin concerned with fine lines and lack of radiance. All skin types including sensitive. Highly recommended in pregnancy.

RRP £77.75SAVE: £17.75

Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute (50ml)

Moisture Supplying Radiance Mask

The Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute (50ml) drenches the skin in a bath of moisture and plumps up the cells and the upper layers of the epidermis, instant moisture boost that makes the skin soft and supple, refreshes and revives providing a radiant complexion.

RRP £33.75SAVE: £5.20