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Guinot Cosmecology Range

Guinot Cosmecology range for our younger customers

The Guinot Cosmecology range of skincare products is designed for anyone but is very popular with younger clients including teenagers with a price point to match.

In our Skinmaze Guinot Crown Salon, we have seen a great result on younger and teenage skin relating to skin problems such as breakouts, oily, dry and dehydrated skin when using the Cosmecology range.

The Cosmecology range of face and bodycare products is paraben free and based on natural plant extracts.

There is no animal testing and no artificial colours.

Developed at the House of Guinot in France.

Packaging is minimised and recyclable

Guinot Cosmecology Hydra Skin Face Cream (50ml)

The Guinot Cosmecology Hydra Skin hydrating face cream provides both protection and hydration throughout the day. The silky texture absorbs into the skin diffusing its…

Leonilla's Tips

Use additionally the Mask Hydra for a real moisture boost. Great for teenagers.

Leonilla's Tip

Guinot Cosmecology Matt Skin Face Cream

Guinot Cosmecology mattifying cream Matt Skin (50ml) helps balance excess sebum and mattify and purify the skin. This cream refines the skin and tightens pores….

Leonilla's Tips

An excellent mattifying cream for teenagers

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Guinot Cosmecology Instant Clean Skin (300ml)

Instant Cleansing Water, the Guinot Cosmecology Instant Clean Skin. Express cleansing with a burst of freshness. The skin is free from impurities and becomes clean,…

Leonilla's Tips

I find it particularly effective for removing make-up on eyebrows, eyelashes and lips.

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Guinot Cosmecology Tonic Skin Lotion (300ml)

The Guinot Cosmecology Tonic Skin Lotion is great for toning the skin after removing make-up or cleansing the skin. Suitable for all skin types of…

Leonilla's Tips

Well worth applying to the face during the day when the weather is hot and humid to refresh skin.

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Guinot Cosmecology Mask Hydra (50ml)

Guinot Cosmecology moisturising mask, Mask Hydra for radiance. Ten minutes after application, the complexion will appear radiant and fine lines will be less visible. Plant…

Leonilla's Tips

I highly recommend this mask for teenagers and have seen some excellent results

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