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Guinot Age Nutritive (50ml)

Advanced Anti-Ageing (dry)

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Last Age Nutritive at discount price

NOTE: Guinot Age Nutritive replaced Autumn 2021 with the all new Creme Riche Age Logic

With age production of sebum (skin oil) is dramatically reduced which gives the start to wrinkles and deep lines. Recomended for very dry, mature skin the Guinot Age Nutritive advance formula tackles this problem and effectively replenishes oil in the skin, improves elasticity, gives it a slight glow and can be used long or short term.

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Guinot Age Nutritive (50ml)

SPECIAL OFFER  at just £50 (product expires March 2023) Guinot Age Nutritive  (which is now replaced by Creme Age Logic Riche)

Guinot Age Nutritive Creme de Soin (Face Cream). For Dry Skin Helps compensate for nutritional deficiencies to reverse the logic of cellular ageing. Regenerates the skins cellular activity. Restores the skins comfort and suppleness with essential fatty acids Reveals a radiant, youhful complexion. Getting older is a fact of life but looking older doesn’t have to be.

In our Guinot Crown Salon we recommend Age Nutritive to be used in conjunction with Masque Essential Nutrition Confort especially after treatments like medical peels.

From the same family as the hugely popular Age Logic Cellulaire, Age Nutritive both reverses the ageing process and deeply nourishes dry skin. Developed for mature skins (40+), Age Nutritive contains a complex of nourishing oils rich in Omega 3 and 6 in addition to Actinergie and ATP, ingredients that together recreate cellular activity. The skin’s ageing is down to 3 key cells in the skin ageing. These 3 cells perform vital duties in maintaining skin elasticity, hydration, suppleness, and cell production. As they age there is therefore a reduction in cell regeneration and protection, fewer elastic fibres are produced leading to loss of elasticity and more wrinkles, and skin becomes depleted of moisture due to a lack of sebum and hydrolipid film. Age Nutritive combats this in 2 ways – through cellular and nourishing action.

The first weapon Age Nutritive employs is Guinot’s patented Cellular Life Complex which works to regenerate cells. This innovative formula contains a total of 56 ingredients all essential to the life and regeneration of epidermal cells. Together they promote cell multiplication, increase cell growth and prolong cell life. To reverse the logic of cellular ageing, Guinot has added a combination of ATP, which releases energy, and Actinergie, which increases cellular oxygenation by stimulating the metabolism of the cells. To combat dry skin and thus restore radiance and suppleness, Guinot has added the Nutrinergie Complex which contains a selection of deeply nourishing oils that target each epidermal layer. Raspberry Seed Oil regenerates the skin by strengthening cell membranes, Phospholipids and Vitamin F restore intercellular cement for greater in-depth cellular cohesion, and Macadamia Oil reinforces the skin’s lipid barrier, thus improving the moisture level in the skin. Nourished and revitalised, the skin regains its comfort, suppleness and radiance. The overall effect is firmer, softer, more radiant skin that is nourished from the inside out.

Application Advice

Use morning and evening after thoroughly cleansing the face.

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